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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fan Artwork: BEE Good

Thank you Secret Agent Cat for another beautiful drawing! This should represent a Sylvari Thief, but by all means, make your own conclusions. ;)

The details on this picture are amazing, I adore the little cut-like things on the 'skin' to represent their origin(You know, trees).
Then the sword, you could say it's a sort of rapier or smallsword(Not sure if those names are correct, Google Translate is full of win). It looks like the hilt exists out of a carnivorous plant and maybe some roots. What about the actual blade part? Is it a sort of tongue or a root perhaps? All in all, it looks awesome.

There is also a picture of a beegun in more detail

So, a gun that shoots angry bees at your enemies, that can only be a success! And look at the little bee in the drawing, on top of the gun, it already loves it. Come on ArenaNet, you know what to do.

I did not make these drawings, nor do I own them. Please visit http://secretagentcat.com/2011/07/02/bee-good/ for the original post of these drawings.


  1. Thank for sharing this. I'm visiting the original author right away.

  2. grat arts very nice ;) followed :)

  3. I really like your work. Practice is the only way to get better.

  4. The first one is good but the second looks like a pile of shit on something that looks like a garlic.

  5. I do now realize that this is a weapon xD. I love this thing I hope it shoot turds :)

  6. sweet art, will try that weapon too.

  7. A bee gun? How about a bee sniper rifle or a bee grenade launcher? :P